SF2 Pro


  • Carbon - Aramid Hybrid


  • Snell 2015
  • FIA 8860-2010

Intercom Equipment:

  • Full Electronic Integration Coming Soon!


Extremely hard helmet shell made of carbon- aramid -hybrid fabrics according to aeronautic specifications.

Despite the hardness, the shell is flexible and can absorb large forces and distribute them. A protection, the professional racers, semi-professionals and ambitious pilots can rely on.


During the development of the new SF2 PRO, SCHUBERTH implemented its decade-long, Formula 1 experience. Ready race, the helmet weighs 1,150 grams (2.53 pounds) and is therefore up to 150 grams under the weight of the SF1.


12 air inlets and 6 air outlets provide optimum circulation. The result: 14 liter fresh air per second at 100 km/h.

Besides the additional air inlets, the airflow within the helmet was improved by narrower cheek pads. Thus, you keep cool in all situations.


The interior and exterior design of the helmet shell was developed towards the ideal aerodynamics in intensive test series in wind tunnels.

Result: The SF2 PRO does not produce any lift and demonstrates an even aerodynamic balance due to meticulous precision work.

Formula pilots can custom-fit optimize their SF2 PRO with an aerodynamic kit made of carbon spoilers.


The three millimeter thick poly-carbonate visor is bullet proof according to the demanding FIA helmet standard. Due to the dual lens system, the visor remains completely fog free.

The two-step one way lock is positioned centrally - thus, the visor always locks symmetrically and therefore securely. There are different visor shades available, with and without mirroring.

For the use in closed racing cars, a half visor as well as a visor without a locking mechanism are planned. As an additional lightweight option, a visor without double lens is available.


The inside shell was completely redesigned. Narrower cheek pads make it easier to put on, are exchangeable and can be individually adjusted to different head shapes. At the same time, the new lining shields the pilot against engine noise.

New are the cable ducts, which are integrated in the EPS shell i.e. for the wireless communication with the box. SCHUBERTH uses fire-resistant Nomex® for the lining, the chinstrap with the Double-D fastener, which is mandatory in racing, also consists of fire-resistant Kevlar®.

Price: $ 4,795.00

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