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2 Bar Slide (LV17)

This is a 2 Bar Slide designed for use with 3" webbing. Its sole use is to thightly wrap a 3" shoulder belt around a bar or pin. It is lighter than a 3 Bar Slide and offers virtually no slip when wrapped correctly. Even a correctly wrapped 3 Bar Slide will has what is called microslip - when a small amount of webbing slips through the bracket when a significant load is placed on the webbing. While this 2 Bar Slide is safer, it is much harder to wrap in if you are not used to doing it......

2 Bar Slide (LV4)

This is a 2 Bar Slide designed for use with 2" webbing. It is found on almost all Schroth harnesses because it has virtually no microslip under significant load. It can be used to wrap 2" webbing against a harness bar, or to wrap in an end fitting. Uses the more complex 2 Bar wrapping technique. Directions are available Here

SFI 16.6 Profi II

The SFI 16.6 Profi II belt is Schroth’s most popular option in the NASCAR garage. The belt features a T-bar that has all 3 sub-straps mounted to one latch. The Profi II belt is the only belt allowed in NASCAR with both left and right side laps adjustable. This is accomplished by integrating the adjuster into the lap belt latch so that it is not considered an in-line adjuster. The NASCAR rules state that only 1 in-line adjuster is allowed on the right side lap only......

SFI 16.6 Formula II

The SFI 16.6 Formula II belt is commonly found in open cockpit style cars with very reclined seats. The sub-straps loop through the lap belts and latches into the shoulder belt. The sub-straps are typically anchored very far rearward, almost to the lap belt mounting location. With the addition of the Negative G belt, the Formula belt performs much better in an upright, NASCAR style seat. Typically the Formula II lap belts are worn as non-adjustable but a right side pull-up adjuster is available......

SFI 16.6 Hybrid II

The SFI 16.6 Hybrid II belt is a patented Schroth design belt, no other manufacturer offers a belt with sub-straps that directly load the lap belts. The Hybrid belt is an excellent belt for those who find the T-bar style belt uncomfortable. By placing the sub-straps through the lap belts, this provides more space for the new Negative G belt. The Hybrid II is commonly run as non-adjustable lap belts but a Pull-up right side lap belt is available......